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2 December 2017 - ADVOCACY IN A VORTEX.  Today, the number and purpose of the nation’s ex-service organisations (ESOs) is a vortex of confusion and questionable benefit to the broad Australian Defence Community (ADC).Contrast this position with the period after the major wars of the last century when it was the RSL, the TPI Federation and the War Widows Guild that advocated to government on behalf of the ADC. Advocacy was a singular issue during a time when many politicians and bureaucrats had military experience. Such is no longer the case.  Read the full article penned by DFWA National President here.

5 November 2017: PROPOSED EX-ADF COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES HUB.  DFWA strongly supports the proposal to establish the Ex-ADF Community Support Services Hub in Townsville, known in the ESO community as 'The Oasis Townsville'. The proposal originated from the collaboration of all ESOs in Townsivlle. These ESOs  have been working with Townsville City Council, Queensland State Government and the local business community to centralise the referral for services of the various ESOs into a single facility. This Oasis gives ex-ADF members and their families one place to go to find answers and identify disparate and specialised services provided by ESOs that are spread throughout Townsiville. The ESO assessment of the need has been reinforced strongly by the findings of the Federal Minister for Health trial being conducted in Townsville to support the prevention of suicide in the ex-ADF community. Townsville is one of 12 National Suicide Prevention Trial sites around Australia, and the only one dealing with the ex-ADF community. The Townsville project is known as Operation Compass. The Oasis Townsville is the single biggest issue for the ex-ADF community in Townsville and has had the effect of banding ESOs, the Townsville community and veterans of all generations together very strongly to find a solution to simplifying effective access to services for ex-ADF members and their families.  Read more about the proposal here.

17 October 2017 - HANSARD – QUESTIONS WITHOUT NOTICE – VETERANS  In the House of Representatives Questions without Notice, Independent Senator Andrew Wilkie (TAS) asked the Prime Minister this question:  Mr WILKIE (Denison) (14:18): "My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, the TPI Federation has written to you repeatedly, seeking a resolution to the dreadful situation where about 28,000 totally and permanently incapacitated veterans have seen their economic loss compensation fall to just 65 per cent of the minimum wage. Prime Minister, given the gravity of this issue, and the Parliamentary Budget Office's validation of the independent analysis supporting the claim by the TPI Federation, will you now take personal responsibility and intervene to facilitate an immediate increase of $176 a week in the economic loss compensation payments to Australia's TPI veterans?" Read the PM's reply here Hansard Reference - page 24:

12 September 2017: ABC RADIO INTERVIEW - PTS FORUM.  Those unlucky enough not to live in Queenslanders may not know but Steve Austin is an ABC Radio 612 4QR Brisbane breakfast broadcaster who is a respected and noted questioner and searching interviewer of his guests. His broadcast on Friday 8 September 2017 from the PTS Forum in Brisbane was of particular interest. He evidently researched the subject exceptionally well and asked searching questions that exposed the facts of PTS on everyone. If you have time, the broadcast is worth a listen here:

24 August 2017: ESO LEADER QUESTIONS VITRIOLIC NATURE OF RECENT SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS.  The Chair and National President of the RAR Corporation, Michael von Berg MC OAM has made an impassioned plea to cease recent social media comment directed at DVA employees.  The DFWA fully supports his views. Read his comments here.

13 August 2017: DFWA’s LEADERSHIP BATON TO CHANGE HANDS.  The Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) wishes to announce with sad regret that, after more than 10 years of distinguished and success-laden service as its National President, Colonel David Jamison AM (Retd) has elected to step down from his leadership position with effect Monday 14 August 2017. David can be rightfully proud of his tenure.  A media release is available in our Media area, and a statement from the Minister read to the Senare is here.