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We exist simply to foster the best interests and wellbeing of all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families in any matter likely to affect them during or after their period of service.

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We are also a member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which comprises many of Australia's major military ex service organisations (ESO). The Alliance represents a significant number of members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative matters to the Australian Parliament and all political parties. Its aim is to promote and protect the conditions and well-being of the Defence Family that embraces over three million people.


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24 June 2019 - URGENT NOTICE TO VETERANS RECEIVING CLASS A/B INVALIDITY BENEFITS.  Many of you are aware of the Veteran appeals at the AAT against the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) decisions regarding taxation of DFRDB and MSBS Class A and B Invalidity Benefits. . Areas being appealed include the following:

  1. Taxation of Lump Sum Back Payments of Invalidity Benefits.
  2. Taxation of Invalidity Benefits as a Pension..

If the veterans’ appeals are successful at the AAT, it may mean that other veterans can appeal against their past assessments and obtain a refund.Read the full DFWA advice to you here.

23 June 2019 - ESORT CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION INTO VETERAN SUICIDE - NOT A ROYAL COMMISSION“The Constant Battle: Suicide by Veterans” (dated 15 August 2017) is the report of the Senate Inquiry into the rate and causes of suicide among veterans of the ADF. The Reports’ 24 recommendations provide a way forward and identifies strategies to address the tragedy of suicide among the veteran community. These Recommendations must be implemented in full by government, the ADF and DVA.

The fourteen ESO members of the Ex-Service Round Table (ESORT) resolved at its quarterly meeting on 20th June 2019 that government, the ADF and DVA must implement all the recommendations of this Senate Inquiry and those of the many other studies of recent years in order to address the rate of suicide among the veteran community. To pursue yet another inquiry will add a further burden to families and those individuals who, for a variety of reasons, suffer because of their service. The additional cost of extra studies and the time spent will further divert the nations focus from confronting this national tragedy. Calls for a Royal Commission into the suicide rate and its causes among members and former members of the ADF, while well meaning, are not supported.

Read the full ESORT Media Release here

6 June 2019 - ABC News: 'An act of bastardry': Veterans fight ATO over tax on medical discharge benefits.  Three former Australian soldiers take the Australian Tax Office to court over tax taken out of their medical discharge benefits. See the 7 May post below and see the ABC 7.30 Report here.

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