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Welcome to the
Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA)


We exist simply to foster the best interests and wellbeing of all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families in any matter likely to affect them during or after their period of service.

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We are also a member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which comprises many of Australia's major military ex service organisations (ESO). The Alliance represents a significant number of members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative matters to the Australian Parliament and all political parties. Its aim is to promote and protect the conditions and well-being of the Defence Family that embraces over three million people.


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9 May 2019 - ALP Veterans Policy.  The DFWA welcomes the Labor Opposition’s commitment announced today of wide-ranging support to both the nation’s current serving ADF members and to those who once served, importantly, including their families. Read the DFWA Media Release.

7 May 2019 - FACELESS BUREAUCRATS CHANGE THE LAW TO BEAT WOUNDED VETERANS IN COURT.  Veterans medically discharged, including all those with mental health wounds and at risk of self-harm, can receive an Invalidity Benefit from their superannuation scheme.  The Australian Tax Office (ATO) taxes these variable payments as ordinary income rather than at the lower rates that can be applied to superannuation fund disability benefits.  Since 2015, Veterans have been trying to get the ATO to justify their position and advise what law they are using to treat their invalidity payments this way.  In 2018, Veterans had the Administrative Appeals Tribunal consider this matter.  On 7 December changes to the law, backdated to 2007, were made to fix the shoddy ATO argument….. in other words, the rules and the goalposts were changed at half-time by the faceless bureaucrats.  

There will be limited time after the election for the Senate or the House of Representatives to pass a Disallowance Motion negating the retrospective changes affecting the case being heard.  Read more on this matter, including what you can do, on the DFWA website under Current Issues or contact the DFWA spokesperson, John Lowis, on 02 5104 3106 or info@badretrolaws.org

2 May 2019 - OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER AND LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION.  Bert Hoebee, a regular contributor and active advocate for veterans' and ADF issues, has penned an open letter to our political leaders.  Read it here.  Also read his blog !

30 April 2019 - ADSO POLICY OBJECTIVES 2019 - 2022, The ADSO has released a Media Statement that ‘hard’ launches its Objectives to all Media outlets and to all sides of politics, including the Independents vying for election/re-election. DFWA is a major partner with the ADSO.

The Statement acknowledges both the Government’s and the Opposition’s recently release veterans’ policies, many of which are arguably worth while in themselves but do not again specifically address the many issues for which redress has been sought over a long period of time. The inquiry into DFRDB commutation now supported by all sides of politics provides some hope that most other aspects to the unsatisfactory elements of that scheme will be exposed in a way that there will be no option but to force onto the decision makers in the 46th Parliament a need to fix the wrongs that have been so evident for so long. The lead up to the forthcoming election will provide opportunities for campaigning in that regard. Read the objectives here and the related ADSO media release.

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