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Welcome to the
Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA)


We exist simply to foster the best interests and wellbeing of all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families in any matter likely to affect them during or after their period of service.

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We are also a member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which comprises many of Australia's major military ex service organisations (ESO). The Alliance represents a significant number of members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative matters to the Australian Parliament and all political parties. Its aim is to promote and protect the conditions and well-being of the Defence Family that embraces over three million people.


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15 July 2018 - SUBMISSION TO PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION INQUIRY INTO THE DVA. The DFWA has released its extensive submission and is available here.  The ADSO had also made a submission which is available here.  The DFWA submission makes many points.. for example throughout the PC Issues Paper, there is a definite focus on efficiency, value for money, etc. at the expense of effectiveness.  Comparisons with other service delivery organisations are invited to identify best practices, i.e., what processes the other agencies use to deliver superficially similar services efficiently to a general clientele, but forgetting the Veteran unique needs. DFWA contends that this lack of understanding of the Veteran and insistence on following the organisation’s processes was a contributing factor to tragic instances that lead to this Inquiry in the first place.  

2 July 2018 - THE CASE SUPPORTING THE CSC CAMPAIGN.  A detailed paper has been released advocating for the CSC to be included in the Royal Commission. It is compelling reading for anyone interested in why we are pursuing this matter.  Read it here.

28 June 2018 - HIGHER DFRDB SUPERANNUATION PENSION INCREASE.  DFWA advises that the latest DFRDB superannuation pension increase to take effect 5 July 2018, for those aged over 55, is 1.5%. This compares to the CPI rate of just 1.1% and which will be applied to other Government superannuation schemes such as PSS etc. This is a direct result of the campaign waged by DFWA over many years and which in 2014 saw the Government agree to applying the higher of CPI or wages growth to those DFRDB recipients aged over 55. The battle continues to extend this arrangement to ALL military superannuation schemes and without the age restriction.  See INDEXATION at CURRENT ISSUES at the left of this page.

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